Paragon City Lahore

Paragon City Lahore

Paragon city was established on the main shores of barki road, to start the creation of successful and meaningful business for not only the businessmen, investors, dealers, but for the entire nation. Providing the core benefits and values to the society, Paragon offers a great deal of trust and satisfaction to the customers related to Real Estate Business.

The Paragon Housing Society is dedicated to improve the quality of life for not only the moderate income families but for them who have a dream in life to step forward and match their feet with others to reach their destinations. Paragon city has truly made their bench mark long before a decade. Quality was their first concern and priority – To achieve resident satisfaction and maintenance of customer services needs and loyalty.

Paragon’s residents are looked up as they are living a luxury life style because of attractive place in Lahore connecting to the main important places of Lahore:

Ring road


Fortress square


The intent of the Society was to maximize the individual potential, growth, personal fulfillment, and independence of its residents. Paragon aims to provide flexible, fit for purpose, high quality and effective housing support services that lead to positive move on to appropriate accommodation.

Paragon city is a popular name in the Real Estate world, called a business hub in Lahore growing day by day. 2000 residence, more than 50 offices to deal with people concerned with paragon project or any information. Launching new projects every year or every 6 months is one big fact including the success stories to be heard.

The facts and figures of paragon city integrate the important structure of the construction and the quality of homes they were at the positive level considering the work done for the betterment and commitments. Now they have approached at the level where they are providing the society, a real modern and advanced setup.

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