Real Estate in Pakistan

Real Estate in Pakistan

Real Estate in Pakistan

The real estate in Pakistan has a large potential in the real estate business. In the era of growing investment in various sectors and the increasing trend in entrepreneurship has encouraged people to purchase or rent office spaces for their startups. Also, as the buying power is increasing, people are also able to afford luxury homes.

In case of real estate in Pakistan, It has been seen that people now days are highly concerned for security as well as the nearby facilities like good schools, grocery stores having availability of all everyday life products, as well as convenience to get access to local conveyance easily. Also, they expect important locations to be near their place of residence. Now days, people are shifting from narrow streets to wider streets and their sense of improving their sense of living is improving. Majority of families prefer 3-5 marla homes with three to four bedrooms having attached washrooms. A lot of middle class families are affording high quality interior designing in their small homes, giving the house a perfect feel.

In various societies, where technology is lagging behind, Paragon City has seen sudden boom in real estate in Pakistan. Paragon City is located at an ideal location near Airport Road, DHA Phase 8, and Cantonment. Also, with promising projects, the real estate in Pakistan, like in case of Paragon City,  are generating more customer base for real estate industry. People are showing active participation in sale and purchase of houses and several other properties.

Paragon City offers 4, 4.5, 10, 12, 14, 15, 18 Marla, 1-2 Kenal furnished and unfurnished built homes, as well as plots. Presence of important schools like LACAS, LGS, City School, Islamic Rosans etc. are increasing the standards of education in the region. Friendly banters of neighbors are delightful, especially in the evening or in the morning. Good places for healthy activities are making Paragon City first choice for many house holders.

Promising projects by Home Land Real Estate & Builders, like the IQ Mall, Mall 41, and Iman Homes are marking revolution in the real estate in Pakistan.IQ Mall offers three floors of highly equipped shops, and two floors of beautiful one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. Imam Homes offer a wide range of plots and homes for sale and purchase inside Paragon City. Real estate in Pakistan, with proven skills of Home Land Real Estate & Builders, has a promising future.

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