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Real Estate

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In past few years, Pakistan has witnessed rapid growth in real estate market. A lot of investors have started investing in the real estate because the rewards are promising and secure. Investments seem costly in the beginning, but the lucrative benefits are evident later. Also, it has been seen that people want to save their earnings to have a safe shelter for themselves and their families. Hence real estate in Pakistan is an emerging business

The best localities for real estate are Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Gwadar, Peshawar etc., giving promising values on residential and commercial properties. The real estate in Pakistan has exponential growth, since the last decade. A lot of people have become entrepreneurs by entering the real estate market as a dealer, and have transformed their businesses from sole proprietorship to corporate level. Hiring perfect staff for marketing, operations, human resources, finances, accounts, has helped the real estate organizations to improve their spoiled reputation. Real estate agents were known for frauds, disrespect to the clients and lack of tricks to gain customer loyalty. Now, agents are no more agents as their reporting line is their immediate line manager. Now real estate startups are focusing on digital marketing, because they witnessed paradigm shifts in technology and globalization since the last two decades.

In Lahore, the famous real estate organizations which are working timelessly day and night, are Homeland Real Estate & Builders dealing with Paragon City properties and two famous malls, bahria Town, DHA and LDA. Rapid development has been witnessed near cantt, DHA and Airport. Presence of Imperial Mall with high quality 3D cinema has enhanced the attraction of Imperial Garden Homes, a block of Paragon City. A lot of five star mall projects are under progress and as a result, Paragon City has witnessed better response from investors, as compared to other real estate organizations.

Home Land Real Estate & Builders offers you the best property deals in various cities of Pakistan, where you will be able to rent, sale or purchase a residential or commercial property in Pakistan. Not only that we offer best real estate deals, we are also providing you best consultancy in architecture and designing, by providing you 2D and 3D images of your desired home or building or even shop. Our trained personnel make sure that you should be getting the best interior designing at your place. we also deal in malls in case of real estate in Pakistan. Our famous malls are IQ Mall and Mall 41. Booking for IQ Mall has started. If you don’t want to miss the chance to have a luxury one bed or two beds apartment, or you want to have a shop at the perfect location to boost your business, then IQ Mall is the best option for you. Visit the IQ Mall today, to get to know about it’s progress and stay updated through our social media pages regarding all the happenings related to Home Land Real Estate & Builders. Wish you happy investing.


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